Junk Food, Obesity, Video Games and Early Death – Is that what America is coming to?

“I will just eat until I am dead” says a 700 pound 34-year-old video junkie “kid” who lives at home for free under his dad’s roof and who is so obese that he has to bathe outside in a pig trough. Like more than 200 million Americans, Casey King loves junk food, eats it all day, and hasn’t given a thought to the dire health repercussions, at least not yet. Casey has zero self-control and no desire to work or do anything productive at all.

Sound familiar? Maybe that’s why Socialism is gaining traction in America, because it’s the lazy way out of responsibility – why not just live and eat for free on working folks’ taxes shelled out as “welfare” like candy to 700-pound video junkie zombies?

Obese “zombie” sleeps ’til noon, eats massive amounts of junk food, watches TV, plays video games, sleeps – then repeats cycle

There’s nothing like fast food, baked goods, chips, soda, and canola oil to kill your brain cells and quickly turn you into a fat, lazy, take-life-for-granted American zombie. The 700-pound Georgia man literally sits around all day on his bed naked, because he says all clothes are uncomfortable and “too restrictive” for him.

But don’t jump to criticize Mr. King, because two out of every three Americans are overweight (or obese), watch five hours of TV per day, and have no clue that fast food, soda, toxic vaccines, and addictive, deadly prescription medications are the perfect formula for an early death by cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and dementia.

Are you locked into the Big Food, Big Pharma matrix, as advertised and promoted by TV, mainstream websites, and the “bloody” newspapers? Are the gaming “community” and social media your only true “safe zones?” In a virtual reality, you can weigh 1,000 pounds and be everyone’s hero, but in the real world, you suffer from depression, chronic inflammation, pain, anxiety, and knowing you will die well before “your time.”

From Cradle to Grave – U.S. Nanny State (of Libtard Socialism) wants your vote in 2020 as a trade for free junk food, free medicine, free income, and no job

Want your parents or your government to pay all your bills while you waste your life away in “total freedom” under someone else’s roof and rules? Just vote Democratic and you might just get what you ask for, but watch out. The police state is planning to take your rights away after you vote. You will lose your freedom of speech, press, gun ownership, and you may be force-medicated with SSRIs and experimental vaccines.

Many Americans have already been screwed by the system, and are suffering from autism, Asperger’s, severe allergies, hormone imbalances, auto-immune disorders, obesity, anxiety, and of course, chronic and severe depression. From extremely toxic artificial sweeteners (think Aspartame) to brain-damaging excitotoxins (think MSG), junk science has invaded not only food, but medicine too.

Plus, genetically modified organisms in food (GMOs) are causing a wave of dementia, anxiety, and depression like never before. That’s why so many people are taking psych-drugs and considering suicide, like the culprits of every mass shooting over the past 20 years.

Millions of Americans are addicted to opiate-based painkillers because their obesity and polluted organs have very painful side effects and symptoms. Just because Casey King weighs twice what most obese Americans weigh doesn’t mean his problems are any different, maybe just a little more extreme.

Obesity, credit card debt, and dementia are at their all-time HIGH in the United States

Are you extremely overweight? Welcome to the “club.” Most Americans have no self-control when it comes to junk food, fast food, soda, and sweets. Yet, as more food becomes adulterated with chemicals and pesticides, chronic health problems are exacerbated and starting earlier in life for those living in total disregard.

Junk food is created to keep people addicted. Once you’re addicted, your taste buds are ruined, and normal, organic food just doesn’t taste good anymore. Plus, junk food causes nutrient deficiency and brain damage. Got brain fog? Cut out the fluoridated tap water, fast food, and canola oil.

Got a mountain of debt? Welcome to the “club.” Most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck with credit card debt out the roof. Most millennials live at home with their parents and work part-time jobs, if they work at all. The average American owes over $6,000 on their credit cards – the most ever – surpassing $1 trillion last year, according to Federal Reserve reports.

Obesity and debt are Americanized “stains” that seem impossible to “scrub off.” High interest rates, junk food, and junk medicine are all part of an insidious formula to fatten up, drug up, and cripple all the Casey Kings of America. Don’t fall into the trap. Eat organic food, exercise regularly, and never ever watch fake mainstream news.

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