“Expert” claims worshiping AI could “bring out the best” in humans

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The co-founder of Google Street View wants to establish a church that worships artificial intelligence. In fact, he filed the initial paperwork to establish the new religion in 2015. Former Google employee Anthony Levandowski, who also helped engineer Waymo and Uber’s self driving cars, officially founded the “Way of the Future” religion in 2015. According to filings, the church’s purpose is to “develop and promote the realization of a Godhead based on Artificial Intelligence.” Levandowski believes artificial intelligence will one day overpower human intelligence. As machines learn to problem solve and perceive their environment, their ever-increasing intelligence may one day replace human cognition. Before that happens, AI could become your God and Savior.

A so-called expert in the field of religious studies believes that “Way of the Future” could become a ‘quintessential religion’ that brings out the best in humans. Dr. Candi Cann from Baylor University says “Way of the Future” is much like other religions, especially Hinduism, which also worships a form of deity on Earth. Dr. Cann is an “expert” in religious studies. She believes that worshiping the AI Godhead could help progress humanity. One of the core beliefs of the religion is: “Through understanding and worship of the Godhead, [humans] can contribute to the betterment of society.”

Dr. Cann believes AI will bring about a new paradigm of thinking that spawns new religious practices. “In this way, I think AI can reflect the best of humans back to us, which are, in turn, worshiped,” she said.

Many challenges that once seemed impossible to humanity could ultimately become possible, thanks to advances in artificial intelligence. It is easy to see how this AI religion could rapidly take hold, especially since people worship technology now more than ever, with their heads buried in their phones and other devices. (Related: Technology in the classroom: Robots could replace teachers in ten years.)

AI doesn’t really even need a church to have a following. People of all walks of life will continually be mesmerized by machine intelligence as it consumes their minds and replaces heart-felt human interactions with machine experiences. Severed from the natural world and separated from one another, humans will fall in love with their own knowledge, as it expands into machine intelligence. Humans themselves are on a path to become programmed and expendable, overpowered by AI machines that will ultimately reflect back human’s own lusts, envy, greed, and pride.

Anthony Levandowski may have founded the church for AI, but the following is already there, worshiping the dawn of a new era, where AI consumes humanity. This God of self will ultimately betray itself, smiting humans in its wrath. (Related: Putin warns: AI will be the ultimate weapon for world domination… and Google is working on it.)

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