Online betting firm unveils surprising odds of how the apocalypse will come

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Apparently, we are more likely to die from an ape uprising than being attacked by vampires. But take heart: a zombie apocalypse has more potential than either in ending the world. Online betting site, 888Poker recently released a brilliantly hilarious infographic that detailed the various odds of how the world will end. The comic-like graphic (done in bright, bold colors that suggest what a wonderfully light topic we’re talking about) showed the many ways the human race will cease to exist. The entire piece is light and enjoyable; but in all seriousness, does carry a little truth. An article on the quoted the firm in its press release with, “while there [are] no foolproof tactics for survival, you can at least start preparing for some of the most unusual disasters.”

Below are the most likely ways the world will end, according to the online betting site.

  1. Sun consumes Earth – There is a one in one chance of this happening. Scientists have said that 6.7 billion years from now, the sun will reach its maximum size as a red giant, with a surface that extends beyond Earth’s orbit by 20 percent. This red giant will shine 3,000 times brighter that what we experience today. It will eventually collapse as a white dwarf, effectively eliminating life in the Milky Way. However, there is still debate among scientists if this catastrophic event will even occur. In an opinion piece on, it was noted that, “although scientists agree on the sun’s future, they disagree about what will happen to Earth. In some scenarios, our planet escapes vaporization; in the latest analyses, however, it does not.”
  2. Judgment Day – Even if you don’t ascribe to the Christian faith, 888Poker believes that Judgement Day is going to happen. This too has a one in one chance of occurring (maybe it’ll happen before the sun consumes us all). For those entirely innocent of the New Testament, it is believed that God will scourge the Earth of the wicked with the coming of the four horsemen — angels who herald the end of days. After a long period of battle between good and evil, those who receive God’s grace will live eternally in paradise while the cruel are cast away to Hell.
  3. A superbug outbreak – This doesn’t sound so far-fetched, given recent news reports. Superbugs have sprung up numerous times over the last few years alone. This can be attributed to several factors, including an increased use of herbicides, more people traveling, and people exhibiting weakened immune systems due to poor diet and heavy metal exposure. The online betting site says there is a one in two chance of this happening.
  4. Nuclear missiles – Supposedly, World War III will involve a lot of nuclear weapons. We would either die from the initial explosion or from the aftermath — particularly from the radiation. There is a one in 30 chance of this happening, better odds than a roulette wheel landing on any single number, which has one in 35 odds. 
  5. Natural disasters888Poker forecasts that cataclysmic natural disasters are likely, having a one in 45 chance of happening. This can include anything from super storms to world earthquakes to a new Ice Age.
  6. Bio weapons –  In a cautionary article published on, scientists warned that biologically-engineered organisms have the potential to wipe out human existence. “Unlike chemical weapons, biological weapons are living organisms or replicating agents that reproduce within their victims. These microbes may be deadly or incapacitating and may affect specific individuals, a community, or an entire population,” the warning read. The odds of this happening, according to the 888Poker, is one in 60.
  7. Robot uprising – This has been the subject of many movies, and with good reason. Technology is advancing at such a pace that even scientists are amazed by the growth. More industries are transitioning to automation, stressing the increased efficiency and fewer out-of-pocket costs. Not only do robots threaten the human workforce, there is an unspoken fear that robots will self-actualize and rebel against their creators (us). There is a one in 80 chance of this occurring — far better odds that getting a full house in poker, by the way, which has a one in 693 chance.

The infographic lists other scenarios to consider, including grey goo (nanobots which will consume all matter, one in 100 odds), ancient evil (a magical entity that is awakened and bent on destroying humanity, one in one billion odds), and even aliens (one in 500 odds).

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