The Medicated Majority – Democratic leadership now constitutes a cabal of senior citizens suffering from Alzheimer’s and severely damaged IQs from Big Pharma drugs

Monday, November 26, 2018 by

Just listen to Nancy Pelosi talk and she sounds like a drunk about to fall off her bar stool at 1:30 a.m., just before the bars all close. She slurs her words as they all seem to run together, and she gets simple facts all jumbled up, losing her train of thought frequently, and simply “blanking out” for periods of time while in the public eye. This is the leading Democratic Congress person, mind-you.

There’s also the riot-inciting Maxine Waters, and when she speaks sounds like some angry, violent Neanderthal, who, if given a Billy club and a few more prescription drugs, would probably go on a rampage, beating to death anyone who doesn’t scream “impeach!” a hundred times in a row with her at her psychotic rallies. This is also a Congress person mind-you.

Then there’s “Hitlery” Clinton, who has trouble just standing up on her own, can’t stop coughing during speeches, and who experiences frequent bouts of “bobble head” while contradicting herself with nearly every new sentence she speaks (memory loss is a common problem for prescription drug addicts). This is the woman who wanted to be the leader of the free world, mind-you.

Members of Congress can be completely senile and demented, just like head Democrats are today, but still they cannot be removed from their position

It is impossible to yank a member of Congress from their seat, even if they’ve gone completely senile, insane, or become radically violent. In fact, no member of the House of Representatives or U.S. Senator has ever been recalled by the electorate, because there simply is no mechanism in place to do so, not even in the Constitution (even though the Framers debated about it).

Here’s the catch: Even though citizens can’t recall members of Congress, the chambers can by way of expulsion, if two-thirds vote to do so (there have been 20 cases like this already). This has only been used when members committed serious crimes or have been treasonous to the United States. Well, it’s about that time again, folks.

Remember how many prescription drugs that Grubb’s Pharmacy, that age-old D.C. dispensary, bragged about delivering to members of Congress not long ago?

The fact is that taking too many prescription drugs for too long fuels dementia and Alzheimer-style violent episodes. We hear it when Nancy Pelosi talks. We see it when Hillary Clinton’s head bobbles and she calls for violence until the Democrats control the country again. We hear it when Maxine Waters calls for Democrats to create crowds and violently “push back” against Republican members of Congress or Trump’s Administration (including his cabinet members) when they go shopping, get gas, or go out to eat at restaurants. That’s treason folks, plain and simple.

Just about a year ago, Grubb’s Pharmacy in Washington D.C. spilled the beans on just how many prescription drugs, especially drugs for Alzheimer’s Disease and other “pretty serious health problems,” that they hand deliver to the many mentally challenged members of Congress. America is under attack, and it’s not by some rogue terrorists strapped with explosives or biological weapons, but by a group of mentally incapacitated Leftist tyrants that rule up on the hill in Washington, D.C.

Let’s face the facts here; if you have Alzheimer’s Disease, then you are medically disqualified from holding high office. Imagine if the military allowed people with dementia to carry automatic weapons into battle. These insane Democrats are literally running the country and making decisions of global significance, and they can’t even speak words clearly, or remember what they are saying mid-sentence, and all while this deranged, medicated majority call on their own citizens to be violent and overthrow the sitting President and his cabinet. They literally support the assassination of our POTUS.

These senile imbeciles cast the wrong votes on bills, can’t remember what happened yesterday, and it seems having all that power is causing more brain damage. Could it be that toxic, experimental prescription medications, when mixed with flu shots, aspirin, blood thinner, cholesterol medications, and over-the-counter synthetic meds are kicking dementia into full gear? It definitely appears so.

Maybe that’s why 33 states now have mandatory retirement ages for judges and impose term limits for governors. It’s obvious that becoming “drunk with power” is now a literal interpretation that’s mixed with powerful, mind-decaying prescription drugs.

Our only hope is if our government establishes term limits, but then again, they’d probably just “grandfather in” (pardon the pun) all those senile, unhinged Democrat nut-jobs at the top anyway.

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