Cannibalism, vaccines and animal-human hybrid DNA: Dave Hodges interviews Mike Adams about the planned destruction of the human race

Thursday, April 13, 2017 by

In case you haven’t noticed, humanity appears to be stuck in a downward spiral of “evolution,” if you will. The dumbing down of the general population seems to be progressing with increasing swiftness, and its cause can largely be traced to the things that many people are exposed to on a daily basis that are harming their bodies in a profound way – things like chemical toxins in food and drugs being among the worst offenders.

During a recent interview with Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, offers some fresh insights into how chemicals, heavy metals, and other toxins in our world are damaging people’s bodies and brains to such a degree that humanity as we know it is facing a form of extinction. The globalists in charge, he points out, have weaponized food, water, and even medicine to harm rather than heal, and the consequences are now more evident than ever.

From dulling people’s minds with toxic fluoride chemicals in the water to full-on transforming them into crazed animal-human hybrids with DNA manipulation, the war on humanity is a multi-faceted agenda with a single goal: To minimize the presence of free-thinking humans on Planet Earth as much as possible. And one of the ways by which this is being accomplished is through anti-human liberal agendas.

Speaking about this war on humanity and its various fronts, Adams points out how political agendas like “climate change,” for instance, seek to pit humanity against every other living thing on earth, as if harmonious coexistence between the two isn’t possible. There’s also the vaccination agenda, which disguised as protecting against infectious disease actually implants into the body heavy metals, aborted human fetal tissue, and other toxins that effectively reprogram to serve some other nefarious purpose.

The full interview with Hodges and Adams is available for viewing on YouTube. The real fun begins after about the 30:00 mark.

The elite want easily controlled subjects who won’t protest their slavery

While this targeted mission against humanity is bipartisan, coming from both the “right” and “left” of the political spectrum, Adams focuses specifically on the left’s apparent disdain for people, and specifically free people who think for themselves. There’s no room for conscientious objection to things like forced vaccinations, mandatory carbon taxes, and other methods of population control that the government deems suitable for maintaining the social and environmental order.

Tyranny is what the globalists are seeking, and the way they plan to get it is by chemically lobotomizing the general public through these various mechanisms of social warfare. Convincing people that the aluminum and mercury used in vaccines are good for them, for instance, is one way that the elite maintains control not only over people’s health, but also their cognitive faculties.

“Mike Adams offer[s] up the fact that through vaccines, the metals contribute to the stripping away of higher cognitive functions,” says Hodges. “He feels that if the brain was not poisoned by aluminum in vaccines and copper in supplements that ‘nobody would pay attention to CNN.'”

Adams even contends that cannibalism is at play in the population control agenda of the elite, pointing to the use of aborted human fetal tissue in vaccines as one example of this. He also says the elite feed on the blood of the young, which sheds new light on the whole “PedoGate” scandal involving elite at the highest levels who allegedly prey on young people as part of a sick and twisted effort to artificially increase their longevity and maintain control over the masses for as long as possible.

“Liberals are lawless and lean towards tyranny,” contends Adams, “… and left on their own, they will always be tyrannical.”



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